Jogo do Pau de Cascais Association

Jogo do Pau de Cascais Association

Jogo do Pau de Cascais Association

The Jogo do Pau de Cascais Association, aims to disseminate and teach the Jogo do Pau and Baton of Combat and Self Defense martial arts.
This traditional martial art is part of the Portuguese history, culture and identity, has been transformed and adapted over the years to the interests of each school and it’s practitioners, being at this moment comprehensive enough to be considered as a modern sport developing in the fields in:
. Competition sport, with rules, classifications and rankings;
. Maintenance sport of physical form;
. Traditional martial art, included in the branch of European historical Martial Arts (HEMA);
. A form of representation and show;
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Our history

Our Association was constituted as a non-profit association on June 6, 2017, but we were working unofficially since 2013, carrying out regular training and participating in local activities and demonstrations.
The first class of regular training started at the facilities of the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Alcabideche in September 2013, and was held twice a week from 7 to 8 am, under the guidance of Professor Ricardo Moura.
In 2014, the group passed its classes to the Recreational and Cultural Sports Group of CHESOL, where it started training twice a week now after work hours.
In April 2017, the Association won its first title (the gold medal), by the hand of the athlete Pedro Brito, in the first edition of the World All Styles Championship that included the Jogo do Pau category.
In March 2018, we returned to the World All Styles Championship in the category of Jogo do Pau and collected the 3 medals in game, by the hands of athletes Frederico Martins, Pedro Brito and Élio Lopes.
Since 2013 the Cascais group has been represented in practically all meetings, competitions and championships held in the Jogo do Pau category.
We played an essential role in the development and organisation of the main national and international competitions, with work at the level of arbitration, event coordination, training,…

This forced us to develop and study all aspects of training and competition, including selling all the materials and protections needed.
Whenever possible, we participate in Local, National and International events, in Demonstrations and Formations of the Portuguese Jogo do PAU and Combat Baton.
Our most recent project (2021) is teaching Jogo do Pau and other traditional martial arts online, so that it might be available to all. Check it out here:

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