A Scott Wendel

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Traditional sports org. Kazimierz Waluch does an excellent job of promoting, developing and safeguarding the traditional sports of the world. The web site offers a great user experience with an easy to navigate site filled with all the most useful information of the subject of Traditional Sports. Visiting this site is a must for any and all stakeholders and interested parties for Traditional Sports and games.

A Scott Wendel

Marc Hewitt

Your work is greatly appreciated. Here’s the recommendation: Ruslan C. Pashayev has become the premier historian on the origins of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, tracing it beyond its cradle in the Lancashire district of England to its birth in folk-style wrestling and fighting arts across continental Europe. We know more about catch wrestling’s beginnings than we ever did before thanks to Ruslan. I highly recommend his excellent articles on the Traditional Sports website.!
- Mark S. Hewitt /USA, combat sports researcher and author

Ezzeddine Bouzid

Je veux vous remercier pour les démarches que vous avez réalisé en faveur de la sauvegarde et la promotion des jeux et sports traditionnels dans le monde.
- Ezzeddine Bouzid / Tunisia, Président de l’Association tunisienne de sauvegarde des jeux et sports du patrimoine

Pere Lavega

Traditional sporting games are the mirror of society. They represent an authentic intangible cultural heritage full of values and customs which are necessary for today's society. through Professor Kazimierz Waluch and his team are doing a great job in order to have an online encyclopedia of these playful manifestations.
Inventorying games is collecting emotions, it is highlighting the intangible cultural heritage of our playful traditions.
Pere Lavega
President of the European Association for Traditional Sports and Games (AEJeST)

Guy Jaouen

The future of traditional sports & games (TSG) is linked to the debate on intercultural dialogue, formal and informal education, the right to diversity, intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development, all themes linked to the future of our societies.
TSG are more than just activities for recreation; They are tools for the future!
- Guy Jaouen, President of the International Traditional Sports and Games Association (ITSGA)