Respect for the intangible heritage of humanity
The core of what we do is respect for cultural diversity. We define the different forms of human activity and respect the rules of respect, so that everyone can present their cultural achievements on an equal footing in an open manner. Complying with these principles with absolute integrity is therefore crucial to who we are. As an organization, we remain neutral politically and we exist to serve the interests of all sport and culture.

We are aware of the importance of traditional sports as an essential element of the intangible heritage of humanity. We work with passion and faith that much remains to be discovered, and our determination in action will allow us to effectively promote sports of the traditional nations of the world. The belief in the essence of our work and determination in action is a source of success and satisfaction. Everyone who joins the Traditional Sports project, everyone who shares this passion with us is an important element of the whole team.

Ambition and commitment
We are ambitious when it comes to the future of traditional sports and we want knowledge about them and interest in them to develop constantly, reaching more and more people all over the world. To achieve this, we must be ambitious in our own areas of knowledge, improve our expertise and skills to be able to make positive changes and develop individually. We must be involved in discovering new opportunities to protect and promote traditional sports and to help others reach reliable information.

Making the best use of our resources is a crucial part of the activity. We know how to achieve the goal, how to act effectively, how to maintain independence, but also how to be open to others. We are very creative and we find innovative ways to overcome challenges. In order to achieve this, we use our know-how and experience as well as our partners around the world.