1. Building, under the direction of the IRSiE as a coordinator, a structure of cooperation between organizations, associations, federations and individuals in the topic of traditional sports.
  2. Promoting the knowledge about traditional sports to all interested parties.
  3. Creating the image of a professional knowledge center about traditional sports, their promotion and protection.
  4. Using our expertise and experience to the most effective implementation of activities in protection and promotion of traditional sports.
  5. Inspiring others, presenting traditional sports in an attractive, interesting and engaging way to attract and retain as many fans as possible in the world.

IRSiE will achieve its goals by implementing the following activities:


1. Promotion

  • creating a reliable knowledge base on traditional sports,
  • using the latest technologies for documenting traditional sports and sharing information about them,
  • publishing articles and books on traditional sports,
  • development of the website and social media and other communication possibilities.

2. Event

  • organization of conferences, seminars and shows related to traditional sports,
  • conducting scientific research on traditional sports.
  • promoting and organizing events related to traditional sports.

3. Education

  • implementation of projects disseminating knowledge about traditional sports and promoting the practice of these sports,
  • inclusion of topics of traditional sports in other areas of individual life (e.g. education, upbringing), social (e.g. social inclusion), regional (e.g. development of the region, building a regional brand).

4. Sponsoring

  • building an international cooperation network to implement project goals (e.g. partners, sponsors, entities recommending the project),
  • development of the structure of co-workers and people supporting the project,
  • finding sources of financing for activities related to Traditional Sports - the intangible heritage of humanity.