Global Sikaran Federation

Global Sikaran Federation

The Global Sikaran Federation has been founded on the principles that are true; they have been tried and tested by our seeds that have grown. We plant seeds today in each one of our students and watch them flourish tomorrow. We help each other throughout the way of victory and defeat. We have chosen to become one with the love of Joy and the burden of Sorrow. We stand on the beliefs that no one should stand alone, for those with selfish ambitions, your presence is not welcome and this is not your home. Some may think that to gain victory is all that matters, but yet to know true victory you must first experience defeat. This shapes and molds ones character, in daily challenges of day to day life we meet. We believe that martial arts is a science and self-defense should only be applied to defend one’s self or others. We teach honor and discipline, how to use common sense, and respect for all life. We show loyalty to the heads of our home schools and our mother organization. For without the basic foundations of Honor, Respect, Loyalty, self-discipline, and dedication we would not achieve success. As some train for glory, power and greed, we choose to promote humility, honor and dignity. We believe that one should always continue to be a student; regardless of being the highest ranking master of the world one should always consider himself a student first. With our motto in our hearts of help changing ones past and help setting their future, we believe that only through the art Sikaran and the ability of empowering ones self-worth and teaching them Martial Arts may we see a new generation of warriors with humble hearts.

International Headquarters: GLOBAL SIKARAN FEDERATION
Sikaran Bldg., 1122 High Street, Delano California, 93215 U.S.A.

Philippine Headquarters: GLOBAL SIKARAN FEDERATION
28A-Andres Bonifacio St., Brgy., Katipunan, Tanay, Rizal, 1980, Philippines

Phone Number: 661-586-4727
GM Hari Osias C. Banaag

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view