International Association of Physical Education and Sports, IAPES

International Association of Physical Education and Sports, IAPES


The International Association of Physical Education and Sports (IAPES), Incorporated is a non-profit organization. We are committed to being the agency of choice for people and organizations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education, sport and physical activity in educational contexts and in the wider community. Our work includes developing physical education and sports trainings and seminars, consultations, resources, outstanding professional learning across the sector, working with partner organizations and promoting the calibration and upskilling in a variety platform. Our purpose is to promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in physical education and sports. We provide quality assured services and resources, and valuable professional support for our members.

Showcase an advance cutting-edge physical education sports-specific research, educate current and future physical education and sports professionals, improve the physical and emotional lives of professionals, and harness the power of physical education and sport to inspire positive social change

We strive to become the leading voice at the intersection of physical education and sports. We hope to use this voice to unite, challenge, and inspire the next generation of leaders to improve the lives of professionals and to act as stewards of the best practices in physical education and sports industry as a whole.

As an organization the uplift the awareness of professional in the field, traditional sports and games are one of the key areas that the organization wanted emphasize by giving information, conduct webinar and conferences for the proper promotion of sports and games in the bigger arena.

Chairman, IAPES
Dr. Jewelson M. Santos

International Association of Physical Education and Sports (IAPES)
Address: Bang Phut Sub-district, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi, Thailand, Nonthaburi
Tel: +66 95 550 6675
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