Cultural Games Association, CGA (Ghana)

Cultural Games Association, CGA (Ghana)

The Cultural Games Association (CGA) is duly registered with government of Ghana through the National Sports Authority (Ministry of Youth and Sports), National Commission on Culture (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture) and the Registrar General’s Department (Ministry of Justice). CGA maintains its head office in Accra, Ghana, with its international representatives in over eighteen countries. CGA is the only government-recognized organization mandated to research, develop and promote Ghana’s traditional sports and cultural events. The CGA is a diverse not-for-profit cultural events-centred establishment whose cultural research activities support the development of traditional sports, and the promotions of cultural events.

The CGA’s core objectives support the mission of its establishment and function to ensure people participating in its developed games achieve their sustainable improvements to the overall health and professional development. The Chaskele and Ampe Sports, which the CGA is proud to claim these two most, developed sports as its intellectual property because of its uniqueness in design. CHASKELE AND AMPE SPORTS are now a global sports initiative; having been developed with the idea to create a way to Ghana Traditional Games Exposition, and most importantly, with the aim to raise the visibility of Ghana and Africa’s rich traditional games and sports to reach international dimension. The CGA games and sports are organized and played under full recognition and regulation of the National Sports Authority (Ministry of Youth and Sports)

Of particular interest to Ghana’s indigenous games development, and cultural events promotion, which integrate research and resources in most diverse local and other international places, will aid would-be professional player in one of these sports achieve global recognition status and other sports assistance from corporate organizations. The concept of cultural games and sports development and educational service support a broad range of participants’ health and appreciable lifestyle including earning economically sound rewards from corporate sources, and attending media conferences to enhance with recognition and practical needs.

The CGA is an extended traditional sports and games home to people with traditional game interest, elderly people who may easily access the CGA’s ‘‘sit-around’’ the table games and feel delight in its competitive games, the Disabled who may not need to work hard to play most of the native games in a fashionable winning approach.

Our Views

The Cultural Games Association attract participants from around the regions in Ghana and we continue to strive to share the new developed games and sports with people we view as individuals or groups who share our ideas and vision for global sports transformation. We believe in initiating endeavours, embracing perseverance and pursuing for success. Our participants’ acceptance to compete in one of the most notable and interesting sports like the Ampe Sports, Chaskele Sports, GHskyball and Catapulting is highly selective, and participants bring their unique interests in traditional games and sports, discovery, achievements and practices for additional and advanced mode of cultural games practices. Our developed games and sports are used for human development, health, fitness and social development, wealth and employment creation


The Cultural Games Association aspires to be a premiere and a community of highly professional and advanced games and sports research organization where our professional participants’ in the various sports can develop their expertise qualities to enhance corporate economic opportunities as well as a ‘‘driving force’’ for securing global recognitions with practical sports organizations both locally and globally.


The Cultural Games Association, a premier in 21st – Century local games and sports development organization, is committed to excellence through the development and implementation of quality and new games and sports that meet the needs of those participants and target groups it serves. Our Association with unique government status in the National Sports Authority (Ministry of Youth and Sports), and cultural events programs with the National Commission on Culture (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture) remains committed in the development, training and exposure of Ghana’s traditional games and cultural events, and talented citizens who are under resourced with the knowledge and understanding of the subject games through training and education.

Core Values

CGA core values currently remains as provided in the following lists:

Innovative and critical thinking
Ethical behaviour
Progressive professional player practices
Traditional sports and games responsibility and integrity
Local communities’ engagement and responsibility
Multi-cultural programs and inclusion
Mutual respect and social responsibility

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