Circolo Sportivo Olimpia il Maiorchino (Italy)

Circolo Sportivo Olimpia il Maiorchino (Italy)

Circolo Sportivo Olimpia il Maiorchino

For over 35 years, the "Circolo Sportivo Olimpia il Maiorchino" has been organizing the Mallorcan tournament in Novara di Sicilia during the period leading up to the Carnival.
The game, characterized by a mixture of skill and luck, consists of throwing a tumble of Mallorcan cheese along the city path of about 1 km, which starts from the beginning of Via Duomo and develops along the historic center of the town, up to the wall of the Don Michele floor. The team that reaches the finish line with the fewest throws wins the race.
The throws are made by wrapping a 3-3.5 m long rope (lazzata) around the cheese wheel which, unrolling, gives considerable strength and direction to the cheese wheel that begins to roll and hop along the path whose base is often irregular.
The tournament, which involves numerous teams made up of both inhabitants of Novara di Sicilia and people from neighboring territories, takes place on the weekends of the month before Carnival. The mens and womens finals are held in April and culm inate in the Mallorcan Festival with a tasting of typical local products.
The organization has participated in the "International Festival of Street Games" in Verona since the first edition (2012). Since 2017 it has joined the "Tocatì Network" for the protection of its intangible heritage. On 1 December 2022, the Tocatì Network, of which the Launch of the Mallorcan is a part, obtained from UNESCO the inscription in the Register of Good Practices for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The recognition was achieved by Tocatì, a shared program for the enhancement of traditional games and sports activated by the Ancient Games Association (AGA) which every year, since 2003, organizes the "International Festival of Street Games" in Verona.
The association is part of AEJeST, the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports (certification no. 88 of 17 September 2022).
Since 10 September 2021 (registration number302021000046604), he has filed the trademark (for the party, launch, shooting and tournament of Mallorcan) at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development -
The Feast of the Mallorcan is a typical feature of the local tradition and culture and since 2006 it has been registered in the Register of Intangible Heritage of the Sicily Region – Book of Celebrations.

The president of the Association is Angelo Di Pietro.

Circolo Sportivo Olimpia il MAIORCHINO
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