Association Of Almokabasah Wrestling Sport (AMW) (Oman)

Association Of Almokabasah Wrestling Sport (AMW) (Oman)

The wrestling wrestling association 5/8/2018 was established under the umbrella of a private sports club, the name of the club Raysut Sports Club in the Dhofar Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

Association Goals :

* Bringing pistaching wrestling fans and practitioners under one umbrella in a professional sports environment.
* Developing and updating the laws and arbitration of the game in line with modern international Olympic laws.
* Promote and wrestle with this wrestling internationally and locally so that it has an official entity and an internationally and locally recognized federation.
* Training courses and local tournaments and cooperating with international federations similar to us in the same sport to participate in tournaments outside the Sultanate.
* Preserving popular games and traditional sports from extinction and introducing the world to our ancient traditional heritage.

K. Salem Mohamed Salem Al-Huraizi, a traditional sports activist, director of the Delta Raysut Sports Club and founder of the pistil wrestling association

Piston wrestling in Dhofar, southern Oman, the only remaining Arab wrestling
Collector and notary of the history and arbitration laws of ancient Omani wrestling in its modern and ancient version K. Salem Mohammed Salem Al-Harizi Al-Mahri “From the Dhofar Governorate, the city of Salalah, Sultanate of Oman, I am active in the field of traditional sports in Dhofar Governorate, south of the Sultanate of Oman, part of our work is to revive the practice of traditional sports that are extinct and collected and documented to preserve them.
We even have training and identification courses for these sports every sport Some of them participate in a traditional international sport competition, just like Olympic sports, but with a traditional character, and at the same time, we preserve an ancient traditional heritage. Salim Al-Huraizi, this traditional Omani-Arab wrestling from Dhofar Governorate, as a retired former wrestler and now I work as a volunteer trainer in training courses in education And training the wrestling wrestling for the younger generation for free to introduce young people to our traditional heritage, and in the year 2018 the association of the wrestling wrestling association brought together the practitioners and fans of the sport of wrestling wrestling from all over the world under one umbrella which is the International Press wrestling association under the license of our own gym club to train and graduate a number of payments From professional wrestlers from all over the Sultanate as well as through the League many heroes have succeeded in participating in international championships Khar C the Sultanate, and we achieved good championships and status with scarce resources and I said support and the lack of specialized training centers for wrestling in the public or private sector, and pistering wrestling sport does not differ with the laws of the state in that it is non-violent wrestling and is not combat and there is no final violence and the wrestling competition is not incompatible with its nature A peaceful Omani society but rather it is part of the Omani culture and traditions in Dhofar Governorate because the wrestling competition has no strikes, kicks or punches like combat sports, and it is a wrestling that is compatible with the nature of our Arab Muslim community and the laws of our true religion.
Our work in the wrestling wrestling association is a non-profit voluntary work. Our goal is to spread the traditional wrestling wrestling all over the world and to preserve the only remaining Arab wrestling in the Arab world and to preserve and document it for future generations.

C.R.No 1143951
Tel.: 0096892963377
Poste 40
Code No. 211
Sultanate of Oman
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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