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Welcome To World Waddan Federation (Traditional Martial Arts of Pakistan)
Waddan is a Youngest Martial Arts sports. Waddan is a Traditional and modern martial art with Pakistan origin. It was developed as a self-defense system characterized by extremely high kicks. Waddan techniques and movements are worked out according to the bio-mechanical principles of human limbs - to be used most effectively. Waddan is "The art of the kick and the punch and Stick", but Waddan Martial Arts means also "the way" to physical and moral self-perfection. In the process of practicing Waddan man finds out that it is a way of living as well. That refers to more of the martial arts, too.
In Waddan except the kicks (which are really the prime part of the system) are studied also
punches, hand blocks, catches, throwings. In its program are included, of course, basic technique knowledge, sparring, forms , self-defense and others.
Waddan is an extremely attractive sport with impressive kicks, stick.
Waddan is a young martial art with an ancient history. In its modern form it was systematized by Tariq Javed Ali in 2008.

Tariq Javed Ali is a Founder & Grand Master & President World Waddan Federation (WWF).
At that time it was given the name Waddan Martial Arts.
Established _ January 01, 2008
Location _ Hasilpur , District Bahawalpur , Punjab , Pakistan

competitions —
Waddan Is a Weapon Games. A wide range of combat methods and uses, stick, kicks, punches, etc.
(1) - (fighting competition )
(2) - (Katta competition )
(3) - (breaking competition )

(1) -Urdu ,
(2) ـ English
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