United States Traditional Sports and Games Confederation

United States Traditional Sports and Games Confederation

The United States Traditional Sports and Games Confederation

The United States Traditional Sports and Games Confederation is a cultural anthropological preservation society that allows people to reconnect with their cultural origins through traditional sports and games by telling their stories. We introduce, preserve, and grow TSG in the U.S. as well as provide wrestlers new opportunities to develop technically as well as culturally to help close the performance achievement gap.
We achieve our mission by creating an ethnography for each particular wrestling style. This provides a scientific description of each group's cultural beliefs and practices. Most importantly we answer why and how these beliefs came to be.

Research and Diversity
We create a style taxonomy to classify the diverse styles of TSG and wrestling based on their similarities in order to see the direction in which wrestling has and is evolving in hopes we can predict its possible future.
Our field research consists of direct travel to countries with long established cultures and civilizations. In order to experience first hand what it is that makes the culture singularly unique, we live briefly as a partial member of that culture. We seek to understand the historical events that shapes the beliefs and behaviors of the society. We hear the folklore and mythology that is woven within the factual history in order to see the culture from the broadest perspective.

Cultural preservation
Distinguished individuals and leaders are the foundation of all great societies. We interview prominent and distinguished members in order to hear the oral history as seen through their eyes and their personal journey. We seek to learn from not only the leaders of each group but also the participants, support staff, fans, and all members involved to hear all available points of view.

The society preforms it's function to utilize our passion for cultural diversity and understand ing through wrestling as well as facilitate the ease with which others may experience different cultures to broaden their perspective and thus grow as a connected member in our ever shrinking global society.

A Scott Wendel
President of The United States Traditional Sports and Games Confederation

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