Mongolian Horseback Archers' Association

Mongolian Horseback Archers' Association

Монголын Морьт Харваачдын Холбоо (Mongolian Horseback Archers' Association)

In Mongolia, Horseback archery was forgotten for nearly 100 years and now we are bringing it back to the mainstream of traditional sports. It will take more effort in the next few years, but we are determined to make it happen.
I assist the Mongolian Horseback Archers' Association as a General Secretary, and it is our utmost vision to include the Horseback archery as one of the official events of the annual Naadam Festival held on July 11-13. It has been 5 years since I got involved into this movement, and since then we held Spirit Mongolia Open Tournament every year for 5 years, and now it is included in the Ulaanbaatar city Official Tourism calendar.
Also in 2023 we held the World Championship event in Mongolia in cooperation with IHAA.
Munkhbold Damdinjav
General Secretary
Mongolian Horseback Archers' Association

Address: ulziit horoolol, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: +976 99102123,
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Spirit Mongolia Open Tournament: