Indo-Boomerang Association (India)

Indo-Boomerang Association (India)

Aerodynamic throw-sticks developed by Stone Age civilizations thousands of years ago in different parts of the world, best known being the Australian aborigines, however, they were also developed in other areas including ancient Egypt, the American Southwest, Eastern Europe, and the Indian sub-continent. While there are many stories of how the returning boomerang came to be, most anthropologists agree that it originated from the throw-stick. At some point, the stick became more curved and refined and much lighter so that when thrown vertically, it would return to the thrower; these true boomerangs were probably only used for fun and games.

Indian Connection
We are well aware of our very own ‘Mowgli- the Prince of the forest’, thanks to the story by Rudyard Kipling, about a child from the Gond tribe, spotted by English hunters in the jungles of Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. The boomerang is a traditional tool also devised by the Gond tribals, one of the largest indigenous tribes in the world.

Boomerangs in Speech and Sport Today
The IFBA, (International Federation of Boomerang Associations), located in Germany, has referred to only returning devices as boomerangs when setting rules for competitions, and the term hunting stick for competitions with non-returning throw-sticks. To preserve the Aboriginal origin of boomerangs in the sport, an insistence on the correct terms much needed.

To promote the sport of boomerangs with its history and pre-history accurately, we insist: “If it doesn’t come back, it’s not a boomerang.”

Boomerang is played around the world, in countries like Australia, England, Germany and the USA, along with smaller countries like Indonesia, Brazil and even Columbia and the WBC (World Boomerang Championship) is held every two years.
Today’s modern boomerangs are sports equipment and should be treated with the same respect as Cricket, Tennis or baseball. All sports, like boomerangs, when used properly, they are safe and fun.


IBA (Indo-Boomerang Association) is a not-for-profit (Societies Regulation Act, 1860) India’s first Boomerang sport organization, under the leadership of its Founder President Mr. Vivek Montrose, who started playing this sport at the age of 15, in 1991, under his Australian Aboriginal Guru Ken Colbung, and has won many national and international accolades since. His aim has been to revive this historical and cultural tool in India, create awareness towards it as an international sport, and create a national team to represent the country worldwide.
His efforts have brought results all over the country, and the general secretary of IBA, Dr. Karthik Raja, a Boomerang maker and trainer is the other pillar of the association and, these ace Boomerang throwers joined forces to write a new history in this sport in the country and across the world.
IBA organized the First National Boomerang Championship in Madhya Pradesh, India on 23rd November, 2020, and is gearing up for the next nationals very soon.

Vision: Our aim is to strengthen our association with all boomerang enthusiasts within and outside India, to promote national and international competitions, and to establish uniform rules and regulations for these competitions.
Mission: The IBA is exclusively dedicated to the following purposes:
1. to endeavor for the promotion, development and organization of the sporting Boomerang to National and International level;
2. establishing standard rules of competition for the recognition of the world records and to promote the acceptance of Boomerang throwing as a legitimate international sport by national records;
3. to select the sites where to hold the National and International Championships;
4. to assist the organizers of the National and World Championships;
5. to cooperate with the Associations of Sporting Promotion, the International Federations and the International Olympic Committee for the recognition of the sport of Boomerang;
6. to provide leadership and guidance to the National and International Boomerang community as a sanctioning body;
7. to promote cultural initiatives to go thoroughly into all the aspects of the Boomerang, in a far-reaching manner, e.g. its historical, artistic, scientific, technical and educational aspects.

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