Greek Centaurs (Greece)

Greek Centaurs (Greece)

The "Greek Centaurs" Team has been operating since 2005 as the first Greek Horseback Archery and traditional equestrian martial arts and sports Team, having its origins in the Hungarian Organization "KASSAI".
Our intention is to spread the epic of the renaissance Greek Soldiers of the West (Europe) and transform their training framework into a complete training system for contemporary mounted warriors.
Today, apart from Horseback Archery, the Team of "Greek Centaurs" has the world's first School of Blind Horseback Archers, as well as an Equestrian Theatre School. For a better understanding of our training by our students we have a printed training manual and eighteen manuals in the form of pdf [] and we have been honored with two first international awards in competitions (Korea and China) and other awards.[].
We are a non-profit organization that does not collect money for what it offers but shares the costs only with those who participate in our action. We are members of "World Horseback Archery Federation" (W.H.A.F.)
We look forward to international fellowship and cooperation with all those who practice sports and martial arts, regardless of race, religion and political beliefs, believing that the evil of the world is due precisely to wrong prejudices.

Aristotle Hercules Kalentzis

Tel.+30 697 776 4737
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